Below is a small sample of what our guests like to say about their procyclingtours experience. 

Mike, SA (Custom Tour through Northern Italy)

Thank you so much for putting together a fantastic trip (again)! The ride program was a perfect combination of challenges, scenic recoverys, and landscapes / venues. The hotels were brilliant – I didn’t know such good places existed in Italy! One even commented that he would have been happy to spend a whole week at our first accommodation on lago maggiore! Me too but not at the expense of missing out on Bormio or Bolzano.... I had a wonderful time and sharing the experience with my son just made it truly special – thanks for everything.

Michael, NSW (Classic France & Italy Tour)

With regard to the tour I have just had with you, if I was to take every superlative/ adjective out of the Dictionary and put that into a testimonial, I reckon that would still do the tour that I have just done with Procycling and injustice.

I have never had so much fun, enjoyment, excitement and meet such a great bunch of people on a holiday until the nine days I spent with Procycling Tours. 

The way you looked after every person on the tour was just superb. I came on the tour without any high expectations and as you know by day two I was blown away with what was happening, the places we were seeing and staying in, the mountains we were climbing and the descent’s were to die for. You have magnificent people working for you as well, their passion and commitment to everyone was just superb. 

Michelle and Team, thank you so very much for putting together such a sensational tour and for your total commitment from beginning to end for the tour. I feel very privileged to have now been on a procyclingtours Tour and to have been in your company. I trust that there is many more times that we can share together over the coming years. This holiday has totally reinvigorated me.

Mark, WA (Classic France & Italy Tour)

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed myself and cannot commend you enough. As usual every detail was looked after both on and off the bike. This is my third trip with you was of the same high standard as the others and I will be back.

Paul, NSW (Giro d'Italia Tour)

Hi Michelle, Thank for your very kind note and thanks again for a wonderful experience. Actually, thanks for the wonderful experiences. Every day brought unique joys and every day the hard work that you put into ensuring a safe action-packed day, resulted in miles of smiles.  Somehow, you seem to assemble groups of very pleasant people with vastly different and interesting life-stories, who collaborate well to have fun. You and your crew, are the catalysts for that magic. Mille gracie.

Deborah, NZ (Tour de France)

I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for an amazing holiday. Congrats to you both on a great team of staff also. I was quite hesitant before going on the trip but was absolutely blown away with the extra care & personal touches you both added to the trip to make it AMAZING !!

Bronwen, NSW (Tour de France)

I'm now on my way home from Europe after an amazing 3 weeks, the first on Le Tour being the best by far!! I just wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful time. Great people, cycling, food, wine, what more could anyone want!  You both did an amazing job so thank you so much! I will be huge advocate of your company so will definitely be making lots of recommendations.

Jerard, WA (Classic France & Italy Tour)

I just wanted to thank you for one of the best holidays I've ever had. You guys go out of your way to accommodate everyone and every thing runs so smoothly. I'll be back for sure.

Ross, Aus (Tour Down Under)

Just a quick word of thanks .......... The experience on Saturday from the meeting at the Red Berry Expresso through to the return trip to Adelaide was faultless ... I enjoyed the experience from the get go, so much so, back in Adelaide in the hotel room , i was surprised with the time , - although the experience took up the better part of the whole day, i felt like it hadnt ...I sincerely hope and genuinely look forward to attending more events managed by your team - a tour overseas looks promising.

Christine, WA (Tour Down Under)

I wanted to pass on a big thank you again for a great week  When things happen seamlessly, I know there has been an amazing amount of thought and preparation before and during to ensure this result and we as a group are the lucky beneficiaries.  Your team were fantastic, so approachable and friendly and, of course, you certainly lead by example.  It was a real pleasure to be part of it - thanks!

Jane, VIC (Tour Down Under)

Just a quick note to say "thank you" for a fabulous day at the TDU yesterday, the whole experience from start to finish was full of delightful surprises. Great people, service, riding, food, location, well everything actually, I can't even think of a suggestion to improve it. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team and "bravo"


Paul, QLD (Tour de France Alpes)

I’ve postponed thanking you (and your team) for your efforts on the French Alps Tour at the TDF this year, because I found that I was using such an excessive number of superlatives that my early emails clearly read like the ravings of an unhinged person and would lack any credibility when read by a someone who was not a member of your tour. So, just quietly, I had a fantastic time, thanks.  There is nothing you could have done to improve on the experience.

Matt, SA Fatboys Cycling Club (Custom Tour)

As seasoned cyclo tourists our group is probably more demanding than some. Michelle and her team were undaunted by our requests, modifications and idiosyncrasies and put together a competitively priced and diverse 11 day itinerary in Spain and France. The trip was a great success and is a tribute to the professionalism, attention to detail and interpersonal skills of the procylingtours team. 

Tim, WA (Giro D'Italia Tour)

Michelle and her team know cycling and running tours - an extremely professional and competent team - they go the extra mile to make the difference and your experience, a lifelong memory. You changed my perceptions about organised touring (for the better) All praise to the combo! Will certainly book another procyclingtours holiday at some time

Brett & Dayna , SYDNEY (Dauphine Tour)

The tour we did a few years ago with you was amazing, but this time around you guys exceeded yourselves. I know that we went around the table the last night we were there and tried to highlight a day that stood out from the rest and to be honest I'm still struggling. I can go through each day that we had and give a highlight of the day that will hopefully stick in my mind forever. From the first day and watching that decent of the tour, having the day of pain up that climb after Alp D'Huez, all the crazy Dutch, lunch on the side of the mountain, wine tasting in a castle, staying in the top of a castle!!, riding up through snow, Mont Blanc, the Sportif….. The list is endless, I could keep going. And of course getting Col up those hills when he thought he had no chance of doing it.  Not only are the days and rides amazing but you are very special people. To make everyone on that tour feel the way they do each day is a credit to you both. The tours are amazing and the rides great but if it wasn't for the both of you it would be another ride. Its hard to put into words on an email how grateful Dayna and I are for the trip and the memories we get to keep from it.

Nav & Judy, NSW (Giro d'Italia)

Had the best time with Michelle and crew, fantastic service, a holiday we will never forget. Can recommend to anyone being rider or non-rider.

Tim and Wendy, VIC (Tour Down Under Tour)

I just wanted to personally to say thanks for the procyclingtours experiences this year at the Tour Down Under 2013 at on the Corkscrew ride and Stage 6 race ride and trackside lunch!  Both wendy and myself thought it was spectacular and inclusive. The little amount of touring I have done both in Europe and hand made tours here at the TDU in 2011 were a intro to bike tours  but your events were just another level of unbelievable and so accessible. To have the organisation and support on and off the road was a tremendous confidence boost and to ride the hills [again] and get the inside line on many details of the TDU was world class. I must also mention your guide tailgunning chaperone was outstanding and he is an asset for procyclingtours for recovering riders like myself. I would happily recommend your events to new faces in coming tours and I am sure one day our next European trip will be with procyclingtours.

Out of 10 procyclingtours goes one louder to 11...!  Massive +

Sarah & Rob, QLD (Dauphine Tour)

We don't need a feedback form to fill in as you can tick all the boxes as Fantastic! You two do a great job in so many respects. There has to be a reason why we were all in such high spirits for every moment of the trip. The lead guides enthusiasm for cycling is an inspiration. Never did I feel like a geriatric cyclist of the weaker sex! Any woman thinking of cycling France, Italy or Spain should be queuing up for one or more of your tours. Michelle you made us all feel like pro cyclists in the support you gave us. Something between a soigner and a mother hen. The hotels offered charm and comfort and their locations were perfect. The riding was the high point for me not least because it meant I could eat lots! But it was also fun seeing the Criterium du Dauphne and the final day's Sportif was a great challenge. The way the rides built up over the ten days and your local knowledge was a great bonus. Rob also enjoyed seeing the rides and just generally taking part.

James & Maria, SA (Giro Tour)

We had an absolutely marvelous time doing the Italian Alps during the Giro d'Italia 2012 with our host Michelle and her team providing the total package.The riding was superb with guides attending tirelessly to all levels of rider and Michelle providing great back up driving the Sag wagon.Our itinerary each day was flexible and accomodation well organised and of very high standard. Well done. We look forward to doing another trip.

Mark, WA (Lakes Alpes Dolomites & VIP Burgundy France Tour)

I want to thank you again for an amazing cycling trip. I can not commend either of you enough for the the exceptional way you ran the trip. Your very professional and hands on approach was outstanding.Your ability to deal with different cycling abilities and different personalities is a testament to your people skills. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely be back!

David & Ann, NSW (Lakes Alpes Dolomites 2012 & 2009)

Just wanted to say thank you for another great cycling/touring/eating/drinking experience. I can't think of a better way to see the great cycling areas of Europe than with you two, you make it look easy when I know it's not. It's like riding with your best mates,  not a tour group, and it's also nice to be able to get to really know your compagni di squadra. Cheers and very best wishes to you.

Cathy & Terry, SA (Dauphine Tour)

Thanks so much for all your efforts to make the tour such a memorable event for us both. I was quite concerned that it was seriously beyond me, but you
made me feel like I was part of the team (even if I was the plodder). All the very best.

Greg, VIC (Tour de France)

Your tour company sounds great and i wish you all the best. may I reiterate again what a wonderful time we had with you in 2009 and so impressed with your organisation, friendliness and genuine concern. Not only would I not consider another tour company i would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone contemplating a european tour.

Julian and Jodi, NSW (Giro d'Italia)

Thank you so much for making this a very memorable experience. what you guys bring to this tour is beyond words. you are both wonderful people and have made this tour funny, exciting and adventurous.

Andrew and Jamie, Canada (Tour de France)

Thank you so much for everything on this trip. It was a blast! and a special thanks for squeezing in mont ventoux......it was lovely.

Emma and Viv , NSW (Tour de France)

Thanks michelle and team. We did have a great tour group and you guys were excellent hosts! Good luck on the rest of your travels.

Simon, UK (Tour de France)

What a totally unforgettable & amazing time we all had & thank you so much steve & michelle for everything! I think I am probably not alone in still thinking I am still climbing up ventoux, galibier, alpe d'huez etc in my memories every day on my journey into work. It was great to meet you all, to ride with you and thank you all for making my birthday quite special!

Lee, UK (Tour de France)

I would like thank everyone for great holiday and to the fantastic organisation from steve and michelle. I have my first race since the alps this sunday hope all your advice and support from the holiday will inspire good results.

David and Ann , NSW (2009 & 2012)

I'd just like to say a sincere thanks for a truly great 2 weeks, you were both fantastic and I can't imagine a better run tour than the one you provided, it can't possibly have been as easy as you made it look. to finally ride the roads i've read about and seen on tv for years was such a highlight that i'm basically lost for words.

Mark, UK (2009)

Thanks for making my french cycling holiday one to remember. It far exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure what to expect, people over here would say i'm crazy wanting to cycle the french alps with 20 whinging poms but you guys were the best! so many wonderful memories.