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Tour dates: Various
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Start & Finish: Adelaide or Boot Camp at a location near you (price on application)

About procyclingskills

procyclingskills work with each individual client in identifying where skills and efficiency gains can be made, together with providing a real insight into the techniques of a professional cyclist. Steve sees and listens to so many cyclists, whether they are new to the activity or competitors, who don't seem to be improving no matter how much training they do. Most people would like to ride more than they can, but with work, family and social commitments, its often not possible.



“It’s a no brainer that the more time you spend on the bike, the fitter you become, but for most of us, time is often against us” explains Steve. “That’s where we come in, to make you a better, safer and far more competent cyclist, taking you to the next level all without the need to increase your training hours”.


procyclingskills offers a range structured programs, depending on your available time and budget. Our longer programs operate over 5 x 1.5 hour on-road sessions and tailored to your current ability, experience and goals.


We also offer a  2 session program which is proving to be very popular. The first session focussed on running through all the techniques and skills, with the second being a review and applying those techniques to improve your quality of training and lift performance.


Some clients are also using 2 sessions as a Birthday or Christmas Gift Idea for their riding partner.


Choose a program on the right hand side of this page and Steve will contact you to see what program is best suited to your needs (Rookie, Intermediate or Advanced)


procyclingskills operates during Steve's time when back in Australia, namely between October and April of each year. Some clients like to use it as a kickstarter leading into the summer season or an upcoming criterium or road race, 3 Peaks Challenge, an Overseas cycling holiday or Tour Down Under BUPA Challenge. Whatever you decide, you'll be sure to gain a lot of benefit from Steve's expertise. Take a look at the testimonials below.


Steve also specialises in developiing customised and monitored training programs. Contact Steve at procyclingskills@yahoo.com to check availability as he limits the amount of programs to ensure those following on receives the attention they deserve.



Need more information? Download the brochure below or click here to go to our procyclingtours info page.



Book a session from the above OR you can  ring Steve on 0488918900 or email procyclingskills@yahoo.com and find out which program would best be suited to you.




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2 x 1.5hr Condensed Program - 3 person
2 x 1.5hr Condensed Program - 4 person
5 x 1.5 hr Regular Program - 1 person
5 x 1.5 hr Regular Program - 2 person
5 x 1.5 hr Regular Program - 3 person
5 x 1.5 hr Regular Program - 4 person
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